15 Ways to Stay Active in the Winter

By Megan and Seth Marcum

Being active plays a bigger role in our health (and weight management) than most people realize. I’m not talking about exercise, either. While working out is important, staying active outside of the gym can be even more crucial.

Even with kids who keep us on our toes, winter is a difficult time to make that happen.

This was a reality check for our family recently.

We enjoyed a few warm days being active at the beach over New Year’s. Now we’re digging around wondering where our snow gear is and feeling limited on outdoor activities.

It can be easy to just say bundle up and go for a walk. But as a mom, I know that means lots of layers, lots of whining (sometimes even from the kids 🤣), and seemingly little reward.

With that in mind, here are 15 ideas on how to stay active and healthy as a family this winter.

In the House

1. Floor is Lava

Break up the monotony of school and housework with fun, spontaneous movement. Randomly yell “Floor is Lava,” count to 5, and then scramble to get off the floor.

2. Dance Parties

Throw on your favorite tunes and show off your best moves. Sometimes we do this for just one song. Other times it turns into a 30-minute jamboree that leaves us all out of breath and laughing! (Bonus: Mix it up with a game of freeze dance.)

3. Cockroach, Plank, & Crawl

Crawl around until the “leader” shouts either “Cockroach!” or “Plank!” Then lie on your back with arms and feet in the air (like a dead cockroach), or get into a front plank, until the leader yells “Crawl!” again. (Increase the difficulty by not letting your knees touch the ground as you crawl.)

4. Deep Clean

Your kids won’t think this one is as fun as the others, but I’ve never understood why we save the spring cleaning for when you can go outside?!

5. Active Video Games

You can find your own favorites, but 3 suggestions are Just Dance (Nintendo), Arms (Nintendo – does involve fighting), & Dance Central (Xbox 360).

6. Obstacle Course

Help set up an indoor obstacle course using pillows, couch cushions, etc. Be involved with the whole process. It’s not just for the kids.

7. Scavenger Hunt

Take turns making (and going on) scavenger hunts in your house. We’ve done this two ways. 1. Create clues to follow until you reach a “treasure” at the end. 2. Make a list (or google one) with descriptions of things you can find in the house and see how long it takes to find everything.

Out of the House

8. Trampoline Parks

Don’t just sit and watch. Find your inner child, connect with your kid, and get some movement in.

9. Go to Target

It could really be any store, but the bigger the building, the easier it is to get some steps in.

10. Longview Rec Center

Even if you don’t have a membership, a day pass is only a few bucks. Walk the track, swim indoors, play racquetball or basketball, ages 13+ can even use the machines in the gym.

11. The Factory

The factory in downtown Franklin isn’t too far of a drive for most of us in Spring Hill, and there’s plenty of space for a good, indoor walk.

12. Visit a Museum

This doubles as a school trip! A few examples: Tennessee State Museum (free), Frist Art Museum, Earth Experience Museum, Lane Motor Museum, Adventure Science Center

13. Cumberland Caverns

No reason to let the cold weather scare you — it’s the same temperature in the cave year-round.

14. Rock Climbing

Even if you’ve never done it before, it’s fun to go to an indoor rock climbing gym with the whole family and give it a shot.

15. Bundle Up & Go For a Walk

I know, I know. I already said this wasn’t always a great option. But the truth is, sometimes it really is the easiest solution.

Who We Are

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