15 Ways to Stay Active in the Winter

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By Megan and Seth Marcum Being active plays a bigger role in our health (and weight management) than most people realize. I’m not talking about exercise, either. While working out is important, staying active outside of the gym can be even more crucial. Even with kids who keep us on our toes, winter is a […]

SHAPE TN Homeschooling

10 Fun Homeschooling Tips

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It’s 2020… We’ve experienced political turmoil, Australian wildfires, tornado damage, murder hornets, a worldwide pandemic, canceled sports, virtual graduations, and now homeschooling! Don’t let homeschooling add to the stress – let these tips inspire you to have your best year ever! 1. Play lots of games together. When you’re playing games, you are developing listening […]

When All Else Fails, Bake Cookies

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Picture this: You have your perfect schedule for your homeschool day… You wake up late, your husband is sick, the kitchen is a mess, the toilet overflowed… but your children must be educated! You’re already 2 hours behind schedule. It’s obvious today’s schedule is not going to work. Save the Instagram post for another day. […]

Homeschool Room Must-Haves

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What must you have? Absolutely nothing! You and your children are the two most important assets to successful homeschooling. Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook… Those perfect rooms are not required. Umkay? As I was looking at the homeschool room ideas, this stuff was so depressing to me. Use what you got! As my grandmother said – you […]

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