Local Educational Groups

On the drop down menu you will find our area’s supplemental resources to help us as we homeschool.

A “Co-op” is typically a once-per-week event where families come together and offer classes and a parent stays onsite to help teach the classes. It is not a drop-off, and the costs are usually minimal. Read more >>

A “Tutorial” hires tutors to teach certain classes to your children. It is a drop-off and tutorials are usually once or twice per week. Read more >>

An “Enrichment Class” supplements your at-home curriculum. They can include but are not limited to music lessons, academics, arts and STEM classes. 

“Sports and Recreation” are opportunities for students in the Spring Hill area to get involved in organized athletics. Some are open to the public, and some are specifically for homeschoolers. Read more >>

“Clubs” are an additional opportunity to enhance your homeschool experience, i.e. Chess, Beta, etc. Read more >>