Homeschool Room Must-Haves

What must you have? Absolutely nothing!

You and your children are the two most important assets to successful homeschooling.

Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook… Those perfect rooms are not required.


As I was looking at the homeschool room ideas, this stuff was so depressing to me.

Use what you got!

As my grandmother said – you can’t hurt what you love. You are qualified to educate your children.

Your children will learn what they need to learn. Life experiences with your child is the best education there is. It goes beyond the books!

The best homeschool setups? The library. The park. Museums. Creeks. Sidewalks. Climbing a tree. None of those things cost a dime.

You can also use paper, pencils, crayons, books, curriculum, farm tables, desks, chairs, chic lamps, antique flower vases, hanging lavender stems and a retro chalk board, if you so desire!