When All Else Fails, Bake Cookies

Picture this: You have your perfect schedule for your homeschool day… You wake up late, your husband is sick, the kitchen is a mess, the toilet overflowed… but your children must be educated!

You’re already 2 hours behind schedule. It’s obvious today’s schedule is not going to work. Save the Instagram post for another day.

But wait! Yes it will! Bake cookies!

The culinary art of baking cookies involves math, science, and language arts, and most importantly teamwork!

We start by reading the recipe – language arts…

A half a cup of sugar – we’re learning fractions!

Chemical change in the oven – we’re learning chemistry! The heat changes the raw dough into the fluffy cookies!

You want to double the serving size – you got more math! You’re adding and multiplying fractions!

The instant gratification of a job well done – great teamwork, eat the cookies!

A day full of learning has been completed.

Great job, you did it!

You created memories. You crafted an experience with your children. Now you can post your perfect homeschool Instagram pic. Bam!

Tomorrow’s schedule: take your lemons, and make your best lemonade – just like you did today!